Best Dog Liver Supplements | Review & Buying Guide

Best Dog Liver Supplements | Review & Buying Guide

Before getting deeper into the best dog liver supplements, it is important to discuss briefly the liver and its functions in dogs. It emerges that the liver is one of the largest body organs and one of the glands that play the most important role in the entire body of many animals.

To say that the liver is one of the glands in the body means that it is an organ that can synthesize different substances that are normally discharged into the animal’s bloodstream or other sections within the body. As a gland in the body, the liver executes some of the most complex tasks ever. One of the functions is playing a primary role in most of the metabolic processes in the body.

The location of the liver in the body is also important given that it is a delicate but very significant organ in most animals. In the dog’s body, you will realize that the liver is located between its small intestine and the stomach.

One of its major functions is the secretion of the bile juice, a bitter brownish or rather greenish-yellow substance that takes part in the digestion of fats. This bile juice is made up of salts and acids that surround and eventually break down fat globules into food in order to make it easy for the absorption of fats into the small intestines.

According to the general anatomy and physiological aspect of the dog (or any other vertebrate animal), bile in their bodies is stored in another organ commonly referred to as the gallbladder. This is a gland that looks like a small sac located right below the liver. As such, bile is stored there until the right time comes to be secreted into the small or large intestines to assist in the digestion as well as absorption of fats.

Afterward, the bile acids get reabsorbed back into the animal’s bloodstream through the portal system. From there the bile acids proceed further to re-enter the liver so that it is extracted and then stored again in preparation for the next digestion and absorption process.

Most of the dogs that experience liver problems are known to have increased concentration of the bile acid within their blood. This happens quite often when bile juice/acid bypasses the liver without being stored or removed leading to some complications.

This brings in the question of what the liver does to the dog or any other animal. According to numerous scientific studies, the liver is known to have three major functions for the dog. These functions are as follows:

  1. The liver is compared to a manufacturing facility in the manner with which it produces chemicals that are vital for your dog to operate well. Some of these chemicals or substances include certain types of proteins that are necessary for various bodily functions like blood clotting and production of albumin which is a protein that is responsible for maintaining oncotic pressure of your dog’s blood. This pressure is very important because it keeps the blood flowing inside the vessels without seeping out into other parts of the body.
  2. The liver acts as a storage facility for a number of important nutrients such as vitamins A, D, E and K including glycogen, iron (minerals) and triglycerides. As you know, vitamin A plays a crucial role in improving the sight as well as promoting eye health. Vitamin D is responsible for calcium absorption while vitamin K serves the function of blood clotting. Minerals like iron are used in the formation of the red blood cells and glycogen to provide energy after getting converted into glucose. Triglycerides are equally important because it provides energy for the cells to function optimally.
  3. Finally, the liver is said to function as a processing plant whereby it breaks down and subsequently, detoxify every substance that is consumed by your dog. During the process, the liver breaks down all proteins, carbohydrates, and fats to convert them into glucose or sugar that is so much needed by the body for energy. During the detoxifying process, the liver metabolizes medications and detoxifies any dangerous substances like the damaged red blood cells, ammonia, and cellular debris. Then the liver goes further to convert toxins into harmless substances or separates them from harmless substances and transports them to the intestines and kidneys to be removed as waste materials.

From that brief explanation, you can at least have a slight idea of how vital the liver is when it comes to the wellbeing of your dog. Therefore, when your dog’s liver is in good working condition you can rest assured that everything else within the body of your dog is working fine. This is because the liver ultimately determines the substances that can stay in the body, get dispersed and redirected to the other parts of the body and what should be removed as waste.

That’s why your dog needs the right liver supplements to keep it in good health, active and happy all the time. This article will help you to understand the best dog liver supplements, their benefits, possible side effects if any, and a review of the products that are formulated primarily to provide your dog with the best dietary supplements.

Benefits of the best dog liver supplements

Your dog’s liver is likely to suffer from exposure to toxins, genetics, old age, infections, parasitic infections, injury, and overall stress. All these problems can escalate to the point of affecting your canine friend’s liver. If it happens that way, this problem could impinge the ability of the liver to get rid of impurities and other unwanted substances from the blood.

If the problem is not solved at the right time it could lead to a health condition known as hepatitis. This is a disease that doctors or vets distinguish it by the inflammation of the liver. However, you can easily tell if your dog has liver problems by watching out for the signs such as loss of appetite, weight loss, lethargy, pale gums, dark urine, swollen abdomen, jaundice and many more. To protect your dog against such problems, you will need to give it the recommended liver supplements. These supplements are beneficial to your dog in the following ways:

Stimulates protein synthesis

The dog liver supplements are known to stimulate protein synthesis process in your dog’s liver. A good example of the supplements that work this way is the milk thistle and it contains a specific amount of concentration of silymarin which is typically between 70 and 80 percent. Protein synthesis in the liver leads to the increase in production of other new liver cells as a replacement to those damaged due to toxicity, injury or diseases.

These new cells are very important to the liver because they help it repair and regenerating itself to keep your dog healthy and out or harm. So, you can trust that the dog liver supplements have the ability to treat dogs that have been diagnosed with liver problems or related problems like the chronic inflammatory liver disorders(hepatitis), slow down the growth of the liver tumor, skin problems resulting from liver diseases, leptospirosis, pancreatitis, and fatty liver.

Helps dogs affected by the Cushing’s disease

More often than not, the dogs that are suffering from Cushing’s disease have a high level of cortisol in their blood. This condition exerts a lot of pressure and stress on the dog’s liver forcing it to work extra hard in order to process an excessive amount of cortisol.

As a matter of fact, those dogs that are affected by Cushing’s disease have cases of elevated liver enzymes such as Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT) and Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP). If they don’t get early treatment, they are likely to develop deadly liver diseases down the road. Luckily there’s a way out of that problem and you can help support your dog’s liver by supplementing their diet using the right dog liver supplements.

Dog liver supplements can help dogs with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

It has been established that a number of dogs that are affected by inflammatory bowel disease have pancreas and liver inflammation. You can save your dog by treating it early enough before the disease gets serious or you can save the situation by providing it with the best dog liver supplements in their meals. If they are subjected to the right amount of these supplements, your dogs can be helped indirectly to overcome the IDB, pancreas as well as liver problems.

Preservation of glutathione

Glutathione is a protein that is normally stored in the liver. This protein is a very powerful antioxidant and detoxifier in the body thus the need to preserve it. Essentially, glutathione protein is responsible for maintaining a very powerful immune system, particularly in dogs. Sometimes their levels in the liver can be negatively impacted by stress, environmental toxins, some medications and chemicals in general.

Also, their levels go down naturally as your dog gets older and its depletion can dramatically increase the aging process. But you can change all that by giving your pet the best dietary supplements to stimulate the glutathione uptake from the liver cells.

On the other hand, these supplements can also prevent the depletion of glutathione within the liver. Much to your surprise, studies have shown that dog liver supplements such as the milk thistle can increase levels of glutathione in the liver by a whopping 35 percent. Therefore the higher the amount of glutathione your dog’s liver processes, the healthier it’s liver will be when it comes to handling harmful substances while detoxifying its body.

Helps in detoxification

Some supplements play a significant role in detoxification of the liver in dogs. This comes as a result of the effective and most powerful antioxidant properties they possess. This is good news to the pet owners given that such dietary supplements are formulated for all types of dogs regardless of their breed, size, and age. As a dog owner, you may decide to administer dog liver supplements for the following reasons, particularly:

  • If your dog is suffering from cancer and had just been under chemotherapy.
  • Senior dogs and puppies that have been undergoing deworming
  • Dogs that have been under heartworm medications.
  • Dogs that have just been undergoing vaccinations.
  • Dogs and puppies that are still recovering from infectious diseases like the parvovirus and distemper.

Some dog liver supplements have antioxidant properties

It is a well-known fact that antioxidants are capable of neutralizing free radicals that normally build up within the cells and are likely to cause some damages. As you know, free radicals are tiny particles moving around the cells and causing some damages to anything they come across in their pathway.

However, antioxidants limit the action of free radicals and this can have some impact on the way your dog’s liver functions. For instance, the silymarin antioxidant properties are believed to be somehow ten times more potent compared to vitamin E. As a result, this ingredient in the dog liver supplement can neutralize all free radicals that are likely to interfere with the physiological nature of your pet’s liver.

Boosts levels of the enzyme superoxide dismutase

Milk thistle as a natural dog liver supplement plays a very important role in boosting levels of superoxide dismutase (an antioxidant enzyme) in cells cultures. Actually, superoxide dismutase enzyme is found in all living cells and its main purpose is to speed up all chemical reactions in the animal’s body.

Apart from that, the antioxidant enzyme takes part in the rebuilding of some tissues by simply breaking down any harmful oxygen molecules found in the cells. As such, milk thistle in dog liver supplement is necessary to ensure that all the chemicals and formation of tissue is going on normally while keeping your dog healthy and strong all the time.

Increases energy

When glutathione is given to the dogs as a supplement, it supports the biochemical reactions taking place in your dog’s cells. This means that this supplement enables your dog to process a number of nutrients and eventually convert them into energy that it needs to move around.

Actually, the whole process takes place when glutathione enables the mitochondria or cell’s powerhouse to stay fully charged to allow for the increased muscle strength as well as endurance. In this case, the supplement helps your dog’s body to be energetic thanks to the biochemical reactions that promote an increase in energy.

Provides the dog with the proper balance of all nutrients

Besides milk thistle ability to act as a liver repair supplement, there’s yet Hepasure (another type of dog liver supplement) that provides your dog with the perfect balance of nutrients such as minerals, vitamins and building blocks which are required to help the dog liver to function optimally. Some of the dog liver supplements under HepaSure include whey protein isolate, phosphatidylcholine, L-Taurine, selenium, zinc, vitamin E, Riboflavin and many more.

Blocks the uptake of toxins

In addition to detoxifying the liver, these dietary supplements play a critical role in blocking the uptake of toxins as well as toluene (a natural solvent) and acetaminophen. In most cases, these supplements were used in emergency cases where they served as antidotes to reduce the risks of cap mushroom poisoning and liver damage if given at the right time after consuming the mushrooms.

Possible side effects of the dog liver supplements

Most of the dog liver supplements are generally safe but they can become detrimental when taken in larger amounts. Take an example of milk thistle. Taking too much of it can sometimes cause stomach upset, mild diarrhea and gas increase in the stomach of your dog. Experts recommend that you need to give this supplement to your dog on an empty stomach if you really want to see it working well.

On the other hand, these supplements should not be given to healthy dogs on a daily basis. This is due to the fact that long-term use of higher dosages of the supplements can eventually lead to the suppression of the dog’s liver functions.

The best dog liver supplements review

Your dog’s health matters the most and that’s why you need to be on the lookout for anything that might interfere with its growth and development. In the real sense, you can ensure that your pet stays healthy by feeding it on a well-balanced diet and taking it for a routine checkup.

But you will come to realize later that your pet is missing out on some essential nutrients and sooner or later it may start showing signs of lacking those nutrients. That is when you should consider looking for the right supplements to fill the void.

However, there are numerous types of dog supplements out there on the market and each category has its own functions. One of those categories is the dog liver supplements that play a very important role in the overall wellbeing of your dog. This is a dog dietary supplement that you need to take into consideration to promote your pet’s health.

To help you in making the right choice, here is a review of the best dog liver supplements that you can try on your dog. But ensure that you seek professional guidance from your veterinarian to know the right supplement for your canine friend.

1. Advanced Liver Care All-Naturals For Dogs

Don’t let your dog lack the essential nutrients that can help in promoting the health of its liver. Advanced Liver Care All-Naturals for Dogs is an ideal supplement that is formulated to give your pet extra strength derived from the natural liver bacon flavoring. This supplement comes in a bottle of about 90 capsules that are already tested and proven to be extremely effective for your dog regardless of its age, breed, and size.

You can easily administer this supplement by simply giving it as a whole or opening the capsule and sprinkling the content onto the dog’s food. This way you will not have to waste your time trying frantically to read the manual in a bid to understand how you can supplement your pet’s food with it. But you should always remember that a single capsule of Advanced Liver Care All-Naturals for Dogs goes with 10kgs of your dog’s food.

Why should you consider this supplement for your dog? The answer lies in its superior ingredients. Advanced Liver Care All-Naturals boasts of ingredients like the concentrated milk thistle with 80 percent silymarin. This ingredient has a reputation for having very powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects once it is taken as a dietary supplement. In addition, it doesn’t come with any artificial additives, flavors, colorants or even preservations. Certainly, this supplement remains safer and the best choice for your dog.

Why would your vet recommend it for your dog? First of all, this supplement is regarded to be one of the most effective dogs liver supplements you can find on the market today. In fact, it comes with a wide range of benefits including supporting and promoting your pet’s liver against toxins, stimulates the growth of cells, assists in faster recovery of your dog from adverse reactions, illness, medical conditions like diabetes, chemotherapy, inflammatory bowel syndrome, fatty liver syndrome and epilepsy among others.

Given that the supplement is manufactured and tested by vets in more than 500 United Kingdom vet practices, you can have your trust in it knowing that it is a safe product for your dog. Above all, you may use it for both short and long term basis to help maintain the health conditions of your pet.

2. MaxxPaws-MaxxiSAMe Advanced SAM-e Dietary-Supplement

MaxxPaws-MaxxSAMe Advanced SAM-e Dietary-Supplement supports your dog’s internal strength all the time. This supplement is effective in promoting the liver’s health and cognitive functions as well as healthy joints. Its effectiveness comes about as a result of being boosted using a unique blend of ingredients and additional valuable antioxidants to ensure that your pet remains active and energetic.

Unlike most of the dog supplements, MaxxPaws-MaxxiSAMe Advanced SAM-e Dietary Supplement comes in the form of powder. In fact, this stabilized powder works perfectly well for the sake of your dog’s nutritional needs. Additionally, its powder form makes it easy to administer by simply sprinkling it over your dog’s meal without much of a hassle. All you need to do is to take a short while to familiarize yourself with the simplified serving instructions and everything else will fall in place.

The powder is stabilized and it contains additional high-quality nutrients such as antioxidants, and vitamins thus doing away with the need to add other supplements to your dog’s diet. Its active ingredients are S-adenosylmethionine(SAM-e), 225mg CynaraScolymus, 50mg Choline, 10mg Inositol, 5mg Thiamine Hydrochloride or vitamin B1, 10 mg D-Pantothenic Acid or Vitamin B5, 4mg Riboflavin(Vitamin B2), 4 vitamin B6 and 4 mg vitamin B12. The inactive ingredients include sunflower seeds and sesame seed meal, defatted flax, calcium chloride anhydrous, silicon dioxide, calcium oxide, and origanox OS-T. Interestingly, this supplement does not contain any form of artificial flavors, preservatives, colors or binders.

When you provide your pet with this supplement, it will stand a chance to benefit greatly in different ways. Most significantly, this product will support your dog’s liver while helping it to recover from different types of hepatic conditions. This statement should tell you that MaxxPaws-MaxxSAMe Advanced SAM-e Dietary Supplement is a good choice if your dog is experiencing liver problems. On top of that, the supplement is formulated using powerful ingredients that help your pet to increase dopamine function within its brain. In essence, this is an effective and safest way to support its mental function especially if it is aging.

3. Pet Wellbeing Milk Thistle for Dogs

If you are looking for a dietary supplement that can help your pet to get back to its feet even if it is suffering from the dog liver disease, then Pet Wellbeing Milk Thistle for Dogs has you covered. In other words, this supplement is designed for dogs that are affected by diseases or those that are on medications.

When it comes to safety, Pet Wellbeing comes second to none. This is true because the product has milk thistle that is glycerin-based, making it a safe supplement for the dogs. While safety is the greatest concern in this regard, the health of your dog’s liver should be given first priority. That’s why you need to know that the supplement is formulated to guard against any toxic substances that might be trying to bind to the dog’s liver.

This is made possible thanks to the active ingredients found in the canine milk thistle (commonly known as silymarin). The ingredient is responsible for maintaining the overall wellbeing of the dog and the health of its liver in particular. This ingredient is capable to guard against harmful free radicals that might interfere with the functioning of the liver.

4. Liver Support (for dogs) Milk Thistle Supplement

Liver Support Milk Thistle Supplement is all that you need if you truly want to help your dog have a healthy liver. This product is formulated to be a natural supplement in order to support liver detoxification for dogs and to some extent, for humans. In simple terms, this dog liver supplement is designed to naturally support and promote the health of pancreas, gallbladder, and liver for your canine friend.

The fact that this supplement is made up entirely of milk thistle, it is meant to supplement for the missing nutrients in your dog’s diet. In fact, this supplement has a single ingredient that is already fortified with natural seed powder from milk thistle to server as a sure remedy for protecting, healing and reversing any form of liver damage. As if that is not enough, this amazing seed assists with the control of diabetes, supports cardiac function and acts as a potent detoxifying substance.

Apparently, this product has the best safety attributes you can think of. First of all, it is manufactured under strict quality guidelines using all natural ingredients known to support your dog’s liver. For you to prove this point, the product comes under the tag, “USA MADE” to tell you that it’s a supplement with uncompromising quality meant to deliver the best results to your dog. In addition to that, the supplement is free from all other harsh chemicals, filler materials, artificial ingredients, and preservatives.

During the time of feeding, you will not have to run about in pursuit of your puppy while trying unsuccessfully to make it swallow the capsules. This is because the product itself blends easily in the pet’s daily meal routine. That is why it comes in odorless and colorless powder, making it blend seamlessly in your dog’s meal without it noticing anything strange. Also, the supplement does not alter the taste of the meal to make your dog suspicious. In the end, your canine friend will definitely love the taste and the results will be amazing much to your delight.

5. NutramaxDenamarin Tablets for Dogs

NutramaxDenamarin Tablets for Dogs is a recommended supplement for your four-legged friend to help in supporting its liver. To achieve this feat, the manufactures included the S-Adenosylmethionine(SMA-e) and silybin to ensure that your dog’s health is not compromised especially its liver health. But it is formulated primarily for dogs weighing over 35 lbs and over.

The SAM-e contained in the NutramaxDenamarin Tablets is included to enhance the glutathione levels. As mentioned earlier, glutathione is a very important compound that plays a major role in supporting the dog’s liver and its functions. At the same time, this compound is believed to offer protection against liver cells while aiding in their repair and regeneration. Also, Denamarincontains silybin compound which is believed to support most of the liver functions by assisting in the maintenance of a healthy oxidative process and balance. In summary, the supplement contains 90 mg of SAM-e and 9 mg of the silybin A and B.


There are quite a number of dog liver supplements on the market today but choosing the right product can be difficult. That should not be a problem anymore now that you have firsthand information on what you should expect in any given dog liver supplements. Therefore, don’t let your canine friend suffer in silence when you can provide it with essential nutrients to support its liver and health in general. But before you even get there, make sure you have consulted with your local vet to know what you should incorporate in your dog’s routine diet.