Best Dog Supplements To Build Muscle | Review & Buying Guide

Best Dog Supplements To Build Muscle | Review & Buying Guide

Dog owners enjoy having pets with ripped muscles. A dog has around 600 muscles in its body. If your dog is lean, then you may take advantage of all these muscles by boosting them. Some dogs are born to be muscular due to their genetic build. Tissue built-up in dogs has a lot of benefits. An older dog will be able to stay active if it has more muscles. They also help dogs to have lean and lighter bodies due to limited fats.

There are various techniques in which you can help a dog increase its lean muscles composition. This article shows you some of the best dog supplements to build muscles. Apart from supplements, there are also other things you need to do, which can help your pet gain muscles. Some of the practices which you can include in your pet’s muscle gain journey are:

  • Weight pulling games.
  • Playing.
  • Swimming.
  • Tug of war.
  • Running on treadmills.
  • Engaging in rope toy games.

If you’re looking for you dog to put on some weight, you might also be interested in reading my guide to the best dog supplements for weight gain.

Benefits of Muscle Building Supplements

Since its the responsibility of a dog owner to ensure it remains healthy, you can do this is by enhancing the pet’s muscle built. You can use the supplements and add a few practices which will help your pet gain muscles faster. Most of these supplements are rich in protein, which helps in the muscle build-up process. A higher percentage of muscles in the body of your pet has a lot of benefits. Some of the benefits of using muscle supplements include:

Eradicates Obesity

The leading cause of obesity is the accumulation of fats in the body of your dog. The use of muscle supplements would encourage the formation of lean muscle, which can help in improving your pet’s health. The supplements burn out any fatty tissues that are accumulated in the body of the dog. For a dog to be healthy, lean muscle percentage should be higher than fat. Muscle supplements can help in eradicating obesity, which is a growing issue. The reduction of fat cell replication will assist in keeping your pet healthy at all times.

Lowers Chances of Diabetes

The use of muscle supplements will help your canine friend utilize any glucose in the muscle cells. Also, the lean muscle percentage will be higher than that of fats and glucose. Diabetes is also one developing issue in dogs. One method you can fight diabetes is by increasing lean muscle content. This can is achievable by using muscle supplements which increase the lean muscles mass. Excess glucose will always be burned down to give energy, which is necessary.

Enhanced Stamina

Muscle supplements help in increasing the pet’s energy and capabilities. Combined with regular exercises, you can achieve the best from your dog. The supplements would give your dog the stamina you need. You can tag your canine friend in any tough adventures. If you use muscle supplements, the muscle composition in your pet will increase, and this would boost its stamina.

Healthy Joints and Muscle Connection

Muscle building supplements may help in enhancing joints integrity. As your dog grows old, most of the times they may be affected by joint problems. The use of muscle supplements assists in creating robust joint, which would eradicate any joint issues.

The muscle build up will help in holding the tendons and cartilages together. It allows your dog to move around easily even at old ages. The dog will also be energetic to exercise daily, which will keep the joints healthy.

Prevents Injuries

The use of muscle supplements builds strong muscles which can sustain injuries later in their life. Overweight dogs live a sedentary lifestyle, and their muscles are prone to tear. Their muscles can also become lame as they grow older. If the muscles of your dog develop at an early stage, they can withstand degradation as it grows older. Also, the skeletal structure of your dog will get stronger, and the dog can persevere harsh conditions.

A Healthier Lifestyle

A dog which has a higher muscle percentage is healthier and hence less prone to diseases. The dog will also be more active and energetic. Being overweight makes your canine friend sluggish and lazy.

The use of protein supplement also improves digestion. It helps in reducing digestion problems, which may be caused by a weak digestive tract or due to a poor immune system. Using muscle supplement enhances the pet’s skin by making the coat smooth. These supplements contain minerals which can make its skin look healthy and shiny.

Side Effects Related to Dog Supplements For Building Muscle

Muscle supplements are proving beyond any reasonable doubt that they can help dogs achieve the best shape and form. They help in improving the health of the dog but still may come with challenges. What are some of the side effects that the use of muscle supplement can cause?

Dangerous Artificial Supplements

There are some products which can be made from certain artificial products which may affect the body of your pet. If you see a muscle supplement which contains additives or preservatives you should be keen. Some of the additives may be flavors or sweeteners. They may lead to severe illness or death.

Organ Failure

Excess protein may be harmful in the body of your dog. Most of these supplements are manufactured from high protein ingredients. The kidney is made to break down measurable amounts of proteins. Excessive use of protein supplements may lead to organ failure.


The rapid fat breakdown and activation of the body of your pet may lead to dehydration. It will increase your pet’s water intake. In some cases, your dog may experience nausea or fatigue.


Some dogs may be allergic to certain elements which are used to manufacture these supplements. If your dog starts vomiting and experiencing stomach upsets, withdraw the supplement, and seek help from a vet first. You should also know what your pet is allergic to. It helps you when looking for a particular dog protein supplement. You should ensure that none of the ingredients in the supplement can cause an allergic reaction.

Best Dog Supplements to Build Muscle

A masculine dog will always be active and less prone to diseases. As a pet owner, you should make it your responsibility to give your pet the best. The dog’s coat will also shine, which is a symbol of health and a result of using the appropriate muscle supplement on your pet. This article gives you eight of the best dog supplements to build muscles you can get in stores.

1. Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy Muscle Supplement

This supplement is lamb based and one of the best picks you can get. Lamb feeds on grass, which means its protein content is natural. The protein supplement has no GMOs, which makes it safe for use. This dog supplement is perfect for high-breed puppies.

It gives it the protein content, which will boost its muscle growth at a tender age. Diamond Naturals is well known in the market for the production of quality dog feeds and supplements. The supplement also contains vegetables and whole grains, which give the dog the necessary nutrients.


  • Lamb Flavor.

The protein supplement contains natural lamb flavor. It eradicates the worry of the supplement containing any GMOs. The taste will entice your pet to eat it with no challenges at all.

  • Nutrition Content.

The supplement is manufactured using lamb, vegetables, and rice as the main products. The grains used in the production of this supplement are whole grains which offer roughage to improve digestion. Lamb meat is the main protein component in the supplement. It contains different vegetables and fruits which assist in giving the dog the necessary vitamins and minerals. The formulation of all these products makes this dog food highly nutritious. Other products included in the dog meal include:

  • Chia seeds.
  • Pumpkin.
  • Coconut.
  • Yucca.
  • Natural Products.

All the products used in the manufacture of the supplement are natural. It the supplement contains no chemical components which may be in GMOs or artificial products. The supplement is safe and can bring no complications to your puppy.

  • K9 Strain.

The K9 strain is a probiotic which contains beneficial bacteria. The bacteria can help improve your pet’s digestion capabilities. It also helps in enhancing the immunity of your dog.

  • High Protein Content.

One of the vital ingredients for improving muscle built up in your dog is proteins. Lamb offers a natural-based protein content which would boost the development of your dog. It has a minimum of 275 protein content.


  • Natural-based ingredients.
  • High protein content.
  • Lamb flavor.
  • It contains vitamins, antioxidants, and vital minerals.


  • It contains grain formula hence not appropriate for dogs with grain allergy.


This supplement has the right amount of proteins, antioxidants, carbohydrates, and probiotics. Its made from natural products which are safe for consumption. If you have a pregnant dog, you can use this supplement since its made from organic components.

2. Jack & Pup Dog Treat Chews Supplement

The high protein content supplement comes in a pack of 25 sticks which you can give to your dog. The chews can be fed to a dog as treats and contain a 65% protein content, which helps in tissue growth. The supplement is also suitable for joint health since it has chondroitin and glucosamine. The treats are also good for your dog’s dental health.


  • Nutrition content.

The protein supplement is manufactured from a single ingredient, beef jerky. The component offers a high protein content, and it makes the supplement one of the best for tendons and ligament built up. It repairs any worn tissues in the body of the dog. The protein content is about 65% with 15% moisture content and 10% fat content.

  • Easily Digestible.

The supplement is fully digestible, which ensures there is no wastage of nutrients. The protein extracted from beef contains low fats, which provide it gives your pet maximum protein content for muscle build-up.

  • Natural Ingredients.

The main component used in the manufacture of the supplement is extracted from cows. Cows feed on grass, which makes the ingredients safe for your pet. The manufacturer doesn’t use any wheat based products making the supplement wheat free. Its also odorless, and the only flavor is natural meat.

Meat is prone to bacterial infection if poorly handled. During the production process, the manufacturer uses efficient measures to minimize bacterial contamination. The manufacturing safety measures guarantee that the muscle supplement is safe for the dog.

  • Supports Healthy Teeth and Joints

The supplement contains chondroitin and Glucosamine, which help in preventing joint wear and tear. They also promote the built-up of cartilages, ensuring it eliminates the risk of arthritis.


  • Natural ingredients.
  • Multiple benefits hence value for your money.
  • Impressive stick sizes.
  • Meaty flavor.


  • It’s not suitable for large dog breeds.


The protein supplement is odorless and contains no supplements. It offers 100% digestion guarantee, which means there is no waste of nutrients. The nutrient sticks help in cleaning your dog’s teeth.

3. K9 Power Puppy Gold Nutrition Supplement

This muscle supplement will effectively assist mature dogs and puppies. If you have a lactating dog, you can use this supplement to feed both the mother and her puppies. The supplement is rich with protein, vitamins, and other nutrients. The protein content is suitable for muscle build up. The supplement contains various nutrients which can help in adequate bones and ligament development.


  • Nutrition value.

The supplement contains vital vitamins and minerals which assist in the growth of the pet. It has a minimum of 29% proteins, which makes it a good pick for muscle growth. The proteins are bio-active hence give your puppies the energy they need to be active. They enable the growth of tendons and ligaments.

  • Easily Digested.

The components used in the manufacture of the supplement are easily digestible. This makes it appropriate for puppies who’s digestive tracts can’t sustain complex meals. The bio-active proteins can be digested easily for quick absorption. In a few days, you will notice the changes your pet may undergo.

  • Boosts Immunity

One major factor the manufacturer pays attention to is the formula of the supplement. It’s an effective booster to the immunity of the pet. It contains canine milk which gives the puppies an immune system. It has Lacto Transferrin, which is found in the first milk produced by the mother. All these ingredients strengthen the organs of your puppy. It grows to a healthy and robust dog with adequate muscle build up.

  • Effective For Lactating Dogs.

The supplement can be given to a lactating mother. It assists the dog to produce milk which contains adequate proteins for the puppies. The milk has zero lactose, which enhances the growth of puppies. Lactose-free milk improves the immunity of the puppies and gives them a lean frame.

  • Contains Probiotics

Probiotics are essential in the development of bones and also connective tissues. It boosts the growth of your puppy to a lean and masculine dog.


  • Can assist in the development of a lactating dog.
  • The formula helps give your puppies the required energy and ligament development.
  • Easily digested.
  • It improves the immunity of your puppy.


  • Contains no flavor hence difficult to feed choosy dogs.


This supplement is appropriate for both puppies and grown dogs, mainly lactating mothers. It assists in the development of puppies and improves organ performance. The supplement gives the mother the energy and muscle growth they need when taking care of her puppies. It also enhances its milk production.

4. Hill’s Science Diet Muscle Growth Supplement

Does your dog love chicken? Well, this Hill’s muscle growth supplement is made with a touch of chicken flavor. The high-protein supplement contains calcium, which helps in the development of bones. It contains oats, which makes it a complete dry meal perfect for your dog. It contains vitamins also which are suitable for immune system development.


  • Nutrition Content

The dog supplement is manufactured from several natural ingredients. Chicken and oats are the main components of this dog meal. Chicken meal offers the required high-protein content. It contains a minimum of 21% protein content, which is sufficient for the development of muscles. Oats are whole grains which give the meal the necessary fiber content. Fiber helps in improving the digestion of your canine friend.

The use of several ingredients also assists in offering different vitamins and minerals which are essential to the development of a dog. The supplement is suitable for large breed puppies. It also contains fish extracts which assist in the growth of a healthy brain and sharp eyesight.

  • Natural Products.

The protein supplement contains no artificial additives. All the ingredients used are organic hence making it 100% safe for your canine friend. It also has natural chicken flavoring.

  • Chicken Flavor.

You don’t need to have a hard time forcing your pet to take its supplement. The use of chicken as a flavor will always make your dog think the supplement is a treat. It will save you on time since feeding the dog will be more comfortable.

  • Contains Antioxidants and Omega-3 Fatty Acids

The supplement contains antioxidants which are useful in strengthening the dog’s immunity. Also, it can be used to improve the health of your pet’s skin. It contains omega-3 fatty acids which keep its skin shiny.

If you’re looking for a supplement which only contains these fatty acids, then check out my guide to the best dog omega-3 supplements.


  • Effective muscle supplement.
  • Natural supplement.
  • Appropriate for large breed puppies.
  • Chicken flavor.


  • It contains gluten.


The supplement aims at giving you a health and masculine dog. It boosts muscle growth and other organ development. It meets all the needs of large breed puppies which need high nutrient contents. Once you start using this supplement, your pet’s skin will start glowing.

5. Muscle Bully (Muscle Builder)

This muscle growth shouldn’t miss on your muscle supplements list. It’s specially made for bulldogs. It contains high protein content, tested and approved for muscle development. The tablets are made from ingredients with no side effects.


  • Safe Ingredients.

The ingredients used to manufacture the supplements are tested and proven to be safe for use. Its components focus on developing the muscles of your bulldog. It’s one of the supplements in stores that is specially designed for muscle development only.

  • Manufactured for Bull Dog Species.

Are you tired of your skinny bulldog? This supplement is specially manufactured for all kind of bulldogs. If you own a pit bull, bulldogs or American bullies, you should get this supplement for your pet. It assists in the development of lean muscle and leaves your dog with shiny skin.

  • Tested and Approved.

The supplement is scientifically tested and approved by vets. The supplement is safe for feeding your dog and has no side effects at all. The taste is also amazing hence making it easier to feed your dog.

  • Nutritional Coaching.

Once you purchase this supplement, you can get free coaching on how to give the best nutrients for your dog. All dogs have different genetic set-up and react differently to various conditions. You will be able to talk to a nutritionist for free who will guide you in how to improve the health of your canine friend. It’s a unique service that is offered by only this company.


  • Safe for your dog.
  • Specially made for bulldog species.
  • Tested and approved.


  • The supplement’s formula is designed to help in muscle gain only.


Bulldog species require high nutrition content to get the necessary muscle build up. If you own a bulldog, the best way to get the desired lean muscles, you should consider purchasing this supplement.

6. VetrI-Disc Muscle growth Supplement

Ventri-Disc is a muscle development supplement from Ventri-Science and is an appropriate supplement for dogs with mobility challenges. If your dog is struggling to jump or walk due to back issues or muscle spasm, you should consider purchasing this supplement. The supplement is rich in vitamins, silicon, and amino acids. All these ingredients are from natural resources, which are essential in muscle development.


  • Nutrition Content.

This supplement is rich in vitamins, calcium, and chondroitin. These supplements assist in the development of collagen. It assists in the repair of muscles and reproduction of cells, which can help repair muscle spasms. The ingredients offer the required nutrients to offer muscle build up.

  • Natural Components.

Are you looking for a supplement which is 100% safe for your pet? Ventri-Disc is made from natural products which contain no GMOs or artificial ingredients. Artificial ingredients are proving to be a challenge to dogs due to the side-effects they cause.

  • Relieves Back Muscles

Muscle spasms may profoundly affect the back or the region around the spine on a dog. The supplement produces tissues which aid in the repair and strengthening of these muscles. Chondroitin assists in restoration of slipped backbone discs. Its production of connectivity tissues assists in the replacement of the spine discs.


  • Specially designed for muscle spasm and slipped discs repair.
  • It contains natural products.
  • Contains amino acids which aid in the production of connective tissues.
  • Muscle relaxation ability.


  • Not recommended for pregnant dogs.


There is no need to take your dog through surgery to repair muscle spasms. You can try these pills even for slipped discs, and the dog will be back on its feet in a few days. If you can check most of the reviews in online stores, you can see most of the customers are satisfied by the performance of the supplement. You can give this product a try before you decide to take your dog for the tedious surgery process.

7. Dogswell Happy Hips Dog Supplement

Here is another muscle development made from chicken. If you don’t mind purchasing quality supplements, then the Dogswell Happy Hips can be your perfect choice. The chicken-flavored supplement is appropriate for mature dogs and contains digestible whole grains. It’s rich in proteins and has many nutrients which help in nourishing your pet’s health.

The supplement also contains chondroitin and glucosamine. These elements help in healing joint problems. The presence of fruits and vegetables offer the necessary vitamins and minerals.


  • Nutrition Content.

For any dog supplement, the nutrition content is usually vital for this particular supplement, its rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Chicken is the main protein content in the supplement. It’s estimated to have a minimum of 24% protein content. The presence of fruits and vegetables helps by offering the necessary vitamins and minerals. It contains vitamin E and A, which help in enhancing the immunity system of your pet.

  • Contains No Corn or Wheat.

Is your pet allergic to corn? This supplement contains no corn, which makes it appropriate for your mature dog. Corn is also responsible for the accumulation of fats in the body, which is not what your dog needs to gain lean muscles.

  • Chicken Flavor.

The chicken flavor makes your pet enjoy taking these supplements. It will always think the supplement is a snack. Chicken is also not a flavor but the protein content in the supplement.

  • Chondroitin and Glucosamine Content.

These elements are responsible for strengthening your pet’s joints. The components make it appropriate for senior dogs. It assists in the repair of worn out cartilages, which lead to inflammation of joints.

  • Natural Products.

If your supplement contains GMOs or artificial ingredients, it may affect your dog. Natural products have no side-effects hence making them 100% safe for intake by your dog.


  • It contains chicken flavoring.
  • No corn and wheat products.
  • Contains chondroitin and glucosamine which help in enhancing joints health.
  • Contains antioxidants which improve the immune system of your dog.
  • Protein-rich.


  • Some dogs may be allergic to chicken products.


Dogswell muscle supplement is suitable for both mature and young dogs. It’s full of vitamins, proteins, and mineral salts which can help your dog develop lean muscles. Leaner muscles make your dog look rippled and muscular.

8. Muscle Bully Beast

Bully beast is one amazing supplement for super muscle development, endurance, power, and also recovery. If you need to have a dog with muscle strength, then this is the right product you need to start using. The cutting-edge formula where bone-broth and creatine is mixed ensure your dog doesn’t suffer from fatigue in intense workouts.


  • Nutrition Content.

The supplement contains bone broth and three superior creatine, which makes it powerful. Creatine components assist in boosting the endurance and performance of your pet. It works by preventing fatigue and muscle breakdown. It allows your dog to sustain intense workouts. Bone broth is a vital component in the supplement, and it aids in improving your dog’s health. It also assists in ensuring your dog is not sensitive to particular foods or allergies. Bone broth strengthens the immunity of your dog and improves its digestion.

  • Special Supplement for Bull Dog Species.

The manufacturer focuses on giving bulldog owners high nutrient supplements for muscle development. It can work effectively on all species of bulldogs. The supplement is tested and approved by vets, which means it’s safe for your pets.


-Tested and approved.

  • Specially produced for bulldogs.
  • High protein content.


  • Large doses of creatine may affect vital organs.


Are you a bulldog owner? This supplement will assist you when your dog is going through rigorous training exercises. It satisfies the needs of high nutrient content which your bulldog needs.


I have compiled a list of some of the best dog supplements to build muscle you can get in the market. All these supplements have their strengths and weaknesses. For these supplements to work well, a pet owner has a lot to do. You should look for a way in which you will increase your pet’s exercising schedule. It’s good to engage your vet to know which exercises are perfect for your pet.

If you need to intensify your training, use of weights is a viable option. It will ensure your pet uses extra efforts which would work out its muscles. You should also ensure you choose the appropriate supplement for your pet.

If your dog is allergic components, you should avoid supplements with such elements. With time you will start seeing the changes and impact of using muscle enhancing supplements. Ensure that your dog keeps training to retain the rippled muscles.