Best Dog Supplements For Skin and Coat | Review & Buying Guide

Best Dog Supplements For Skin and Coat | Review & Buying Guide

A dog with a shiny skin will always make the owner happy. It will be your pride to see that shiny coat on your pet each day. The shiny coat is always be associated with good health. You need to practice healthy feeding, and proper grooming habits which will ensure your pet gets a bright skin. You can also use skin and coat supplements which are enriched with the proper nutrients necessary for enhancing your dog’s skin. What are the vital nutrients which a supplement should contain?

  • Fatty Acids.

Omega -3 and 6 are some of the critical nutrients recommended for dogs. The nutrients are capable of curing any skin conditions. They help in keeping the dog’s coat healthy, and it boosts its immune system. If your dog can’t get enough if fatty acids, chances are its skin will be dull and dry.

Also consider buying an omega-3 supplement for your dog.

  • Zinc.

Zinc is vital in the development of healthy skin. This mineral works by cell reproduction, hormone production, sharp eyesight, and better brain function. Zinc is essential in revitalizing your pet’s fur. If your dog lacks zinc, it will develop dermatitis around its eyes.

  • Vitamin A.

Lack of vitamin A in a dog leads to dry and itchy skin. Your dog needs vitamin A for healthy skin.

  • Vitamin E.

It helps in preventing the development of skin rashes, dandruff, dermatitis, flea infection, and skin infection. If your dog is capable of withstanding all these, then its coat will always be shiny.

You can get the best Dog supplements for skin and coat, which would assist in making your pet healthier. If the supplements you get contain these nutrients, then they can help your dog get healthy skin when purchasing, its always good to pick the best form of the supplement which would be easier to administer to your dog.

Benefits of Using Dog Supplements for Skin

If your pet has a dull coat, you should consider purchasing a coat supplement. There are plenty of these supplements you can get in stores, but you have to be careful with what you give your dog. A lot of factors lead to dry skins and dull coats. Environmental changes, weather, sensitive skin, and other varying factors. Some of the benefits these supplements can give your dog are:

  • Eradicate Allergic Reactions.

Allergic reactions would lead to skin itch, which leaves your dog irritated. If you see your dog biting and scratching itself, chances are high it has an allergic reaction. It leaves a dog with dull skin, and it would be appropriate to use a skin supplement. It helps by boosting the dog’s immune system to withstand these allergic reactions.

If this is a problem that you’re trying to cure, you might want to read my guide to the best dog supplements for dogs with skin allergies.

  • Heals Dry Skin.

One cause of dry skin is the lack of moisture and malnourished skin. Skin supplements help in moisturizing the skin. It also activates cell reproduction, which replaces the dead cells. With time, the skin will look shiny and healthy. The nutrients in the supplements also assist in strengthening the roots of the fur.

  • Help In Healing Skin Wounds.

These supplements contain vitamin E and zinc, which help in preventing skin infection. If your dog gets a wound, the supplements help by minimizing the risk of exposure to diseases. It makes the healing process to take a short duration.

  • Promotes a Shiny Coat

No one wants to walk around with a dog that has a dull looking skin. The use of skin supplements is one sure way you can get your pet a shiny fur. They contain nutrients which help in nourishing the skin. Any dead cells are replaced with living cells which look healthier. The pores where the hair is rooted to get firmer hence the excellent even fur growth. Minerals leave the coat with that smooth and shiny surface.

  • Protects The Skin Against Fleas

Fleas and mites can cause skin infections, which may leave your skin dry. Parasites suck blood from the skin, leaving it dry. The use of skin supplements helps by moisturizing the skin and providing adequate nutrients. It makes the skin aggressive and less prone to flea bites.

  • Improves Skin Health.

There are different nutrients in these supplements which help in nourishing a pet’s skin. Dull skin has no nutrients hence affected by various conditions like itchy skin and dermatitis. The presence of fatty acids helps in nourishing the skin and prevent such skin conditions. The nutrients also assist in fighting fungal infections, which can be caused by different factors.

The pet owner should also ensure they practice proper hygiene to improve the dog’s skin condition. You should wash the dog frequently to leave the skin free from dirt and shining. Also, keep the house clean from any factors that can lead to allergic reactions in the house.

Possible Side Effects of Using Skin Supplements on Dogs

Not all skin supplements can work well on your pet. Some supplements contain substances which might not go well with your pet. Also, some supplements are manufactured from inorganic materials which are not safe.

  • Allergic reactions.

Each manufacturer has a unique way of creating a formula for skin supplements. The ingredients also used to manufacture the supplements are different. Some of the components used may not work well with your dog. Some supplements may lead to allergic reactions. Some of the symptoms from these reactions include:

  • Vomiting.
  • Extreme scratching.
  • Balding areas.
  • Sores.

You should read the product description before you purchase any of these supplements. If your dog reacts to any supplement you are giving them, you should stop immediately and seek assistance from a vet.

  • Inorganic Ingredients.

Artificial components are not usually safe for your pet. They may cause different complications. You can avoid these supplements and save the extra cost that you can incur due to related complications. Natural ingredients are safe and have limited side effects.

  • Overdose.

If you give your pet larger doses than recommended, it will experience stomach upsets. Its stool becomes loose as a result, and the best remedy is to withdraw the supplement and give in smaller doses. If the condition persists, you can seek help from a veterinary doctor.

  • Bad Odor.

The use of fish oil in these supplements bring a terrible odor which some dogs might not like. If you feed your dog with these supplements, its breath may change. You might need to be brushing your pet’s teeth frequently to avoid bad breath.

Best Dog Supplements for Skin and Coat

Does your dog have a dull or dry skin? We have picked seven of the best dog supplements for skin and coat you can get in stores. These supplements will help you get that shiny coat that you need. It would take your dog some time for it to get that perfect coat you need. Practicing good hygiene helps in getting that flawless skin.

1. Zesty Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

Alaskan skin supplement is one of the tasty skin supplements which is rich in omega-3 and 6. It’s manufactured from all-natural products making it safe for your pet. It leaves your pet’s skin looking healthier and also smooth. The supplement also improves the health of your dog by strengthening its immune system. Most dogs love the salmon flavor.


  • Nutrition Content.

The supplement is made from Alaskan salmon which is rich in omega-3 and Omega-6. These nutrients help in enhancing the skin of your pet. It also improves the immunity system making your pet stronger. The fatty acids help in strengthening their joints. It makes your pet more active and happy.

  • Improves Skin Health.

One of the impressive features of this supplement is its ability to improve skin health. If your skin has dry skin, the supplement contains nutrients which can help nourish it. It’s rich in fatty acids which help in curing any skin conditions. It also strengthens your dog’s immune system, which makes the dog look healthier.

It makes your skin to look soft and shining. It moisturizes the skin, and the skin is infection free. With time the dull skin will fade away. If you look under the fur, you can see the skin looks shiny and feels soft.

  • Strengthens Joints

Salmon oil has fatty acids, which helps in strengthening the joints of your dog. The dog will be more active and can be able to exercise and move around freely.

  • Natural Products.

GMOs and artificial products contain a lot of chemicals which may affect your dog. This supplement is manufactured from salmon, which is natural. It ensures your product is safe since it has no additives which are not natural.


  • Approved by the GMP and NSF as safe.
  • Natural ingredients extracted from Alaskan salmon.
  • It improves the immune system of your pet.
  • Salmon flavor.
  • The flavor is light with a limited fishy odor.


  • The pump is not firmly fixed and may leak.


The supplement is a tasty treat for your dog. It’s rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6. Its ingredients are all natural, and the supplement comes in a liquid form. You can squeeze a small amount into your pet’s food. The supplement can be used on all breeds of dogs.

2. NaturVet Omega-Gold Salmon Oil

The Omega-Gold Salmon oil helps in enhancing the skin of your dog. It’s made from salmon oil which is rich in fatty acids and organic. It helps in maintaining a healthy skin moisture level. The supplement is also wheat free, which means it has lower calories. If your dog needs EPA and DHA, omega-gold is rich in these acids.


  • Nutrition Content,

The supplement contains salmon oil, which is a good source of Omega-3 and Omega-6. It also contains dried potatoes, dried yeast, and Flax seeds. All these ingredients give the nutritional value your pet needs. The fatty acids aid in moisturizing the skin and strengthening the joints. The EPA and DHA contents are also recommendable for dogs in need of these acids.

  • No wheat.

If you are looking for a supplement which has low-calorie content, Omega-gold should be on your list of supplements. It contains no wheat component which lowers its sugar content. If your dog is diabetic, you can pick this to improve its skin. The supplement can also be used on obese dogs.

  • Natural Ingredients.

All the ingredients are from natural products. The products are also inspected to ensure they are of high-quality. Vets approve their formula and consider it safe for all breeds of dogs.

  • Soft Chews.

Does your dog avoid taking drugs in the form of tablets? Well, the supplement comes in the form of soft chews. You can give your dog the recommended chews, and if it loves the salmon flavor, it will be a treat to your pet.


  • All natural product.
  • Approved by veterinarians as an excellent supplement for skin nourishment.
  • Rich in fatty acids.
  • Soft Chews.


  • The flavor may not suit all dogs.


A shiny coat and a healthy dog makes an owner happy. The Omega-Gold skin supplement is a good pick if you need extra nutrients like EPA and DHA. They are packed in different amounts, and you can pick from the 90 chews pack or 180 chews pack. The chews are wheat free, and all the ingredients are natural.

3. Makondo Skin Supplement

It’s rich in vitamins and Omega-3, which are vital nutrients in the process of nourishing your pet’s skin. The supplement is specially formulated to fight the issue of dry skin and allergies. It also helps in curbing other similar problems like itching and excessive hair loss. You can use this supplement on all breeds of dogs despite their ages. It’s a very effective skin supplement which helps by stimulating the development of your pet’s fur.


  • Nutrition Content.

Its vital ingredient is fish oil, which is rich in Omega-3, DHA, and EPA. These components help in reducing your pet’s skin shedding. It also ensures it eases inflammation and cures any allergies. Omega-3 helps in improving the immune of your dog.

It also contains vitamin B, which is a co-enzyme, and it enhances the growth of fur. The vitamin is also responsible for the strengthening of weak hair follicles. Continued use of vitamin B aids in the development of a dog’s cardiovascular system.

  • Bacon Flavor.

The tablets come in the shape of treats. The manufacturer uses bacon flavor to make the pills more enticing to the dog. Not all pets may have the same taste. However, most of them loved the bacon flavor.

You can give the dog the supplement as a treat or split into smaller pieces. You can also grind the pills and mix with its meal. If your dog loves peanut, cover the tablets with peanuts and administer it to your dog.

  • Relieves The Skin.

The supplement contains amino acids, minerals, and vitamins. The main ingredient, which is fish, offers the required amino acids. There are different ingredients which are used to provide vitamins and minerals. The supplements alleviate any aches in your canine’s friend skin. It also strengthens the follicles of the dog’s skin to prevent fur shedding.

  • Suitable For All Dog Breeds.

Are you having several dogs of different ages and breeds? This supplement is perfect for dogs of any kind. It has several vitamins, mineral salts, and omega-3, and 6. The formula ensures that it meets the nutrient requirement of all dogs.

  • Full Body Enhancement.

The presence of various ingredients makes this supplement helpful in full body protection. The formula is well-balanced and sufficient to offer essential nutrients. It boosts the pet’s immune system making it capable of withstanding any infections. It also works on strengthening the dog’s joints and heal any inflammations.


  • Bacon flavored tablets.
  • Natural ingredients are 100% safe.
  • Suitable for all dog breeds.
  • It contains minerals, vitamins, and amino acids.


  • The hard tablet may be a challenge for young dogs.


If you choose to purchase this supplement for your pet, say goodbye to a dull coat and get ready to enjoy a healthy and lively dog. Most pets love the bacon flavor, and if your dog is fussy, you can crush the tablet and mix with its food. The nutrient levels are impressive and adequate for dogs of all breeds.

4. Maxxiomega Fish Oil Skin Supplement

A lot of factors can affect the skin of your dog and end up making it dull. It can suffer from allergies, flea infection, nutrient imbalance, or aging, which can cause its skin to look dry and dull. This supplement contains a rich Omega-3,6 and 9, which would give your pet a soft and shiny coat. Its supplements are all-natural.


  • Nutrition Content.

The nutrient content in this supplement is amazing. It contains omega-3 which comes from fish oil. Omega-6 comes from soybeans and omega-9 is extracted from Flax seed oil. All these fatty acids assist in making the coat shiny. Omega-3 boosts the immune system of your pet and has anti-inflammatory capabilities. Omega-6, on the other hand, help in giving your pet a healthy skin. Omega-9 controls the cholesterol levels in the body of your pet.

The supplement also contains vital vitamins. It has vitamin A, E, and D. These nutrients assist in giving a smooth skin which is soft and moisturized. The supplement also has antioxidants which boost the health of your pet.

  • Natural Ingredients.

All the components used in the production of the supplements are all from natural products. The products are 100% with no side effects at all, which may be caused by chemicals in inorganic contents.

  • Liquid Form.

The liquid is one form of supply used by manufacturers. Maxxiomega skin supplement comes in liquid form and a bottle fitted with a pump for easier removal of the liquid. The container is made from aluminum, which ensures the supplement is not affected.

  • No “Fish” Smell.

Most of the supplements made from fish oil leave your fish with a bad fishy smell. The aftermath makes most pet owners to avoid these supplements. The formulation of the supplement ensures it leaves no fish smell after ingestion.


  • The liquid form is easy to administer.
  • Manufactured using natural supplements.
  • It enhances the immunity of your dog.
  • Easy to dispense thanks to the pump.
  • No “fishy ” breathes.


  • Some customers report that their dogs experience diarrhea.


The supplements contain different nutrients which will leave your dog healthy. It also boosts the immunity of your dog, and it makes the dog more active. Always mix the supplement with its meal and use the recommended amount.

5. Loyd and Lucy Coat Supplement

This bacon-flavored supplement comes in soft chews which will give your dog a shiny and healthy skin. It’s rich in vitamins, fatty acids, and minerals. Omega 3 and 6 are the fatty acids present in the supplement. The supplement contains vitamin E also, which is a useful component in the enhancement of your pet’s skin.


  • Natural Ingredients.

Manufacturers are focusing on giving pet owners products which are free from any side-effects. All the ingredients are from natural products. The components are inspected to ensure there are no GMOs.

  • Nutrition Content.

Omega 3 and 6 are the primary nutrients in the supplement. These nutrients help in maintaining a healthy and soft coat. The nutrients help in repairing dry and itchy skin. It leaves your dog with a smooth and moisturized skin. Omega-3 and Omega-6 help in healing any allergies affecting your pet. Omega 6 helps in boosting the immunity system of your pet.

  • Bacon Flavor.

The flavor of this supplement is amazing and helps a dog owner in administering the drug. Some pets will give you a challenge in taking their supplements. If it likes the taste, the daily doses will be more like a treat.

  • Soft Chews.

Not all dogs may like tables or the taste of liquid supplements in their food. Soft chews with a bacon flavor make it easier to administer the supplement to your pet. You can also apply peanut on the soft chews to entice your dog. The chews are soft enough to be eaten by dogs of any size.

  • Higher Package Content.

A pack containing more chews will save you frequent trips to stores. The Lloyd & Lucy skin Supplement pack holds 20 soft chews, which can serve you for quite some time.


  • Soft chews which have a bacon flavor for easier administration.
  • Bigger pack.
  • Enriched with vitamin E, Omega 3, and 6.
  • Natural flavors.
  • Suitable for pets of all kind or ages.


  • It crumbles with ease. You need to handle the supplement with care.


If your pet has a horrible fur shed, you can use this supplement to restore its shiny skin. The flavor is fantastic, which makes it easier to feed your pet. With proper hygiene considerations, you will be able to see changes on your pet’s skin. The supplement improves the health of your dog due to the presence of omega 6.

6. Lipiderm Skin Supplement

Lipiderm is one of the supplements in the market which contains all the necessary nutrient required to help in nourishing the skin. It contains zinc, fatty acids (Omega 3 & 6), vitamin A, and E. It comes in liquid and gel form. The rich nutrient base ensures that the supplement will work effectively in providing your pet gets a shiny skin.


  • Nutrition Content.

It’s one of the supplements which contain all the nutrients required to give a dog a healthy skin. Fatty acids help in reducing skin itching. It also improves the immunity of your pet. It contains zinc which helps in fighting dermatitis around its eyes. It also helps in the reproduction of cells which assist in the healing of wounds or skin infections.

Lipiderm also contains vitamins E, and A. Vitamin E is essential in fighting flea infections and bites. Vitamin A, on the other hand, helps in relieving itching skin and moisturizing dry skin. It will leave your pet revitalized and happy.

  • Formulated For All Breeds

The formula used to manufacture the supplement gives it adequate nutrients which can be used on dogs of all ages and breeds. The all-around formula also boosts the immune system of any dog, leaving it healthy and active.

  • Supplied in Two Forms.

Lipiderm also comes into the market in a unique and different form of supply. A pet owner has two options in which they can purchase their supplement. Lipiderm comes in both liquid and gel form. You can use your liquid in either the pet’s food or drinking water. The gel can be mixed with the pets food. A fussy dog can detect the layers formed by the gel if you add in its drinking water. It gives a pet owner two options which satisfy their needs.

  • Natural Components.

Are you searching for supplements manufactured from natural supplements? The Lipiderm skin supplement is made from fish oil and Flax seeds. Natural components with no GMOs are 100% safe and don’t have any side effects.


  • Supplied in gel and liquid form.
  • Rich in vitamins E, and A, minerals and fatty acids.
  • 100% safe since its extracted from natural products.
  • Suitable for dogs of all ages.
  • It comes in a leak-proof can.


  • Fish oil will leave your pet with a foul stench from its mouth.


If your dog has sensitive skin and suffers from frequent allergic reactions, the Lipiderm skin supplement will do wonders. It contains all the necessary nutrients you need to nourish your pet’s coat in one package. You will enjoy seeing the scratching and biting fade away.

7. HealthyCoat Dog Skin Supplement

Is the fur of your dog dropping off at an alarming rate? We have a skin supplement which will offer you a solution to your problem. The HealthyCoat supplement can condition your pet’s skin, reducing excessive shedding. It contains various nutrients which will leave your pet’s skin nourished and shining. It’s formulated to work on dogs of all ages and breeds.


  • Liquid Form.

A liquid supplement is usually concealable in your pet’s meal. You can mix it well in its meal or snack. You can also add the supplement to your pet’s drinking water.

  • Natural Ingredients.

No one needs to feed their pet with GMOs and artificial products. GMOs contain a lot of chemicals which may affect your pet. HealthyCoat skin supplement is made from all natural products making it safe for your pet.

  • Nutrition Content.

The Omega 3 and omega-6 ingredients come from soybeans. They are useful in strengthening the immune system of the dog. It also contains vitamins E and B, which aid in healing the skin from any factor that is leading to skin shedding. Other ingredients used are Flax seeds and natural flavors. All these ingredients are natural and are extracted mechanically, ensuring there are no chemical traces.

  • Controls Excessive Fur Shedding

The supplement guarantees maximum recovery from this problem. It also helps in solving dandruff, dermatitis, and flea infection. No other supplement focuses on such conditions. The supplement will also boost the immune system of your pet and enable it to withstand any diseases.


  • Unique formula for preventing skin shedding.
  • Natural ingredients.
  • Liquid form.
  • Natural and safe ingredients.
  • Natural flavor.


  • Soybeans may have an allergic reaction with some pets.


Your dog will suffer no more from dandruff and skin shedding. The supplement is suitable for dogs of all ages. Most pets love the flavor of this supplement.


For you to achieve the best results from these supplements, you should follow the stipulated guidelines. Shiny and healthy skin is very vital since people see their skin first. If the skin looks bright, then this is a good sign that the dog is healthy. This article gives you a list of the best dog supplements for skin and coat. But can only giving your pet skin supplements improve its health?

No, you need to put in a lot more efforts for you to get the best. Your dog needs the best hygiene. Wash it frequently depending on how active it is. If the dog is playful, it will accumulate dirt faster. You need to be washing it several times a week or daily after its play time. The shampoo you are using also matters a lot. Organic shampoos are safer and ensure your dog is clean. Also, you can use shampoos which contain coconut oil extracts. They would leave the dog’s skin with a shiny and good smelling fur.

You should also improve your pet’s diet, which will enhance its health. Its recommended you focus on feeding your pet with more proteins. 30% of the total protein intake usually goes to the skin. So, it’s necessary you consider your pet’s diet. With all these practices and the use of skin and coat supplement, your pet will have a healthy skin.